Sometimes readers just want a little bit more time with characters they have grown to love. Below are some extra glimpses into what happens after the story is over.


King of Kings by Dal Maclean. A Christmas coda from the world of Bitter Legacy.

Ring in the Northern New Year by Ginn Hale. A story about Elezar and Skellan from Champion of the Scarlet Wolf.


Unintentional Gifts from Langley Hyde – Featuring the characters from Highfell Grimoires.

Faults and Affections from Astrid Amara – Featuring the characters from The Devil Lancer.


Mr. Harper and the Christmas Stocking by Ginn Hale – Featuring the characters from Wicked Gentlemen.

Gifts by Ginn Hale – Featuring the characters  from The Rifter

A Very White Hell Solstice by Ginn Hale – Featuring the characters from Lord of the White Hell.

Holiday vignettes featuring the NIAD Agents from our Irregulars anthology:

Cookie Jamboree by Nicole Kimberling

Song for a Winter’s Night by Josh Lanyon

Love in the Tundra by Astrid Amara

Jason’s Sidecar from Ginn Hale

The Little Golden Book of Goblin Stories by Nicole Kimberling