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Hey BEB Faithful!

Black Friday is coming up, and everyone's having a sale. We're no exception, but our sale? Our sale goes all through the weekend until Cyber Monday!

That means we're slashing prices on all of your favorite books--and we know there are few of you out there that will really appreciate this. I can't tell you how many of you walked away from our con booths these past few months, sad to only have a fraction of the books you wanted to take home with you in your hands.

Get five titles for .99 cents each! The Shattered Gates by Ginn Hale, The Archer's Heart Book One by Astrid Amara, Smoketown by Tenea D. Johnson, Irregulars, by Nicole Kimberling, Josh Lanyon, Astrid Amara and Ginn Hale, and Blades of Justice by Jess Faraday, Helen Angove and Rachel Green.

So stop by and grab your favorites. Introduce your friends through the sale as a sneaky way to tell them what you want for the holidays. Coerce strangers into looking at or webpage. Whatever you want! The prices are low and the stories are as great as always. Get them while the getting's good!

And, as always, we'll see you next month!

"Lauren Proves Magic Is Real!" Episode Six: Performance Review

So in episode five we left off with Lauren in a precarious situation: in the middle of her podcast two nefarious thugs broke down the door sprayed her with gunk shoved her in a bag and carried her off. We pick up again with Special Agent Keith Curry, who has just come home from work.

Episode Six, “Performance Review,” was written by Nicole Kimberling and produced by Tommy Jordan. Keith Curry’s Theme and Lauren’s theme were written and performed by Tommy Jordan.

This week’s episode features the voices of:

Ginn Hale, Ian EveryHope, Josh Lanyon, Laura Browne-Sorenson, Danielle Rose, Brendan Connor and Tommy Jordan.

Addition featured music was: Mind of the Machine by Future Lab Rats and Skipping 7th Grade by CHRVNS

"Lauren Proves Magic Is Real!" Episode Five: Just Say No To Kraken

When 12-year old cat sitter Lauren discovers her neighbor is a secret agent, the next logical step is to start podcasting his field reports. In episode five, Lauren listens in while Keith takes a call from a distressed kraken.

Episode Five, “Just Say No to Kraken,” was written by Nicole Kimberling and produced by Tommy Jordan.

This week’s episode features the voices of: Dal Maclean, Ginn Hale, Ian EveryHope, Philipp Roser, Brendan Connor, Astrid Amara, and Tommy Jordan.

Featured music is: OMG by Ricky Sprinkles, I Wish My Baby Was Born by East Coast Dave, Evacuate by Future Lab Rats and Easy by Pascal

"Lauren Proves Magic Is Real!" Episode Four: Hot Boyfriend

When 12-year old cat sitter Lauren discovers her neighbor is a secret agent, the next logical step is to start podcasting his field reports. This week Lauren's podcast gets some sponsors--though the products they're selling seem very strange... Then for a change of pace, Lauren breaks into some saved voice messages from Special Agent Keith Curry's hot boyfriend, Gunther.

Episode Four: “Hot Boyfriend” was written by Nicole Kimberling and produced by Tommy Jordan. It features the voices of Ginn Hale, Tommy Jordan, Brendan Connor, Dal Maclean, Tenea D. Johnson, Anthony Navarro, Nicole Kimberling, Danielle Rose and Ian EveryHope.

Featured Music:  “It Is What It Is”  “On An Island” and “In Orbit In Exile,” by Tony Dutcher from the band Royal Trash. Plus “Reality Hop Taqsim” by East Coast Dave and “Say That I’m Trying,” by Joji

The Podcast is Live!

Hey there, BEB faithful!

It's been a while! Hopefully we saw you in Helsinki or at Geek Girl Con. If we didn't, we're back to our regularly scheduled monthly blog posts, and we got you a special Halloween treat: our awesome new podcast, Lauren Proves Magic is Real.

What's nice about posting the podcast on our website is that I don't have to link to it when I tell you it's here and it's awesome! Seriously, just scroll down!

Those of you who read The Irregulars will remember Special Agent Kieth Curry. Those of you who know Nicole Kimberling will remember her fantastic way with preparing food. Both of those things come together in the podcast to bring the previous chef, now paranormal agent character of Kieth Curry alive as his 12-year-old cat sitter Lauren broadcasts his personal dictations of his cases to her listeners.

To be one of those listeners, all you have to do is find Lauren Proves Magic is Real wherever you listen to podcasts. Oh, and please take a moment to subscribe, rate, and review. It helps keep us on the charts, where others less fortunate than you who aren't reading the BEB blog can find it.

See you next month, faithful! And Happy Halloween!

"Lauren Proves Magic Is Real!" Episode Two: Special Kind of Hell

When 12-year old cat sitter Lauren discovers her neighbor is a secret agent, the next logical step is to start podcasting his field reports. Episode Two takes Special Agent Keith Curry to Austin to investigate mystery meat.

This episode features the songs Cantina by The Second Hand Suits, I’m on Drugs by East Coast Dave and Who am I by Moongrass and SAY THAT I’M TRYING by Joji.

  "Lauren Proves Magic is Real!" was created by Nicole Kimberling and is a co-production of Tommy Jordan, Shepherd Boy Records and Blind Eye Books. Episode Two, “A Special Kind of Hell,” was written by Nicole Kimberling and produced by Tommy Jordan. It features the voices of: Ginn Hale, Ian EveryHope, Anthony Navarro, Spencer Reeves, Jake Wichrowski, Tommy Jordan, and Brendan Connor.

"Lauren Proves Magic Is Real!" Episode One: The Banana Thing

When 12-year old cat sitter Lauren discovers her neighbor is a secret agent, the next logical step is to start podcasting his reports.

This episode features music by Infinite Third from their album, "Gladly" as well as the bespoke song, "Spider on My Face" by Joji and Nodalus from Motus.

Set in the shared-world universe first explored in our book "Irregulars" "Lauren Proves Magic is Real!" explores the lesser case files of Special Agent Keith Curry, supernatural food inspector. For more Special Agent Keith Curry check out "Cherries Worth Getting."

Or you could check out the book trailer for "Cherries Worth Getting."

"Lauren Proves Magic is Real!" was created by Nicole Kimberling and is a co-production of Tommy Jordan, Shepherd Boy Records and Blind Eye Books.

Episode One, “The Banana Thing,” was written by Nicole Kimberling and produced by Tommy Jordan. It features the voices of: Joji, Dal Maclean, Ginn Hale, Ian EveryHope, Tommy Jordan, Brendan Connor and Nicole Kimberling

We Can Has Trailer

That's right. We have a trailer available for our upcoming podcast, "Lauren Proves Magic Is Real." Have a listen:

Time for a Contest! (Or Two)

Hey there, BEB Faithful!

As you may know, Ginn Hale's long awaited release of The Long Past will be coming out at the end of next month. I'm sure you noticed the book preorder has been on sale for a while, but I'm here to tell you about how you can win your very own digital copy of the book! From September 15th through October 3rd, send us a private message on Facebook or tweet us a picture of you and one of Ginn Hale's books. We'll select five lucky winners at random, and those winners will receive an electronic copy of The Long Past for free!

Speaking of free things, how many of you like money? Blind Eye Books will also be doing another give away from Labor Day (September 4th) until the end of September. All you need to do to enter? Send us your best Lord of the White Hell fanart! The art doesn't have to be new, but we will need you to tweet it at us or send it to us in a new Facebook message during the dates of the contest. We're really looking forward to seeing all your lovely fanart of Javier and Kiram--especially Kiram. He may be a favorite of mine. Shout out to anyone who wants to draw the matriarchal society of Kiram's family! One lucky winner will be selected at random and will receive an Amazon gift card for $50!

The one stipulation we have for both contests: keep it clean. We have to ask that all fanart be safe for work. It can be as suggestive as you want, but we can't accept any entries with genitals in them. Get creative with some fig leaves, if you have to, just make sure we can count your entry by keeping it dong free!

Enjoy the encroaching Autumn, faithful. We'll see you next month!


Conventions, Conventions, and More Conventions

Hey there, BEB faithful!

We're hard at work this month, and it all comes down to all the appearances we're putting in later this year at conventions! Get these dates on your calendars, and come by and say hello if all the times and places align!

First up, star BEB author Ginn Hale and heavy-hitting head editor Nicole Kimberling (excuse the fact that this sounds like a wrestling intro from GLOW, we've been loving the show) will be in Helsinki August 9th-13th for Worldcon. If you've never heard of Worldcon before and you're a science fiction fan, you're missing out! Worldcon is short of World Science Fiction Convention, and it happens somewhere different each year. This year, it's in Helsinki. Specifically in Messukeskus, the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Next up, Blind Eye Books will have a table at Geek Girl Con. You may have seen us there before—spoilers, it's because it's one of our favorite cons—and we'll definitely be there again this year. Especially if you're wearing cosplay from any of our books, DROP BY THE TABLE. We might have a special treat for you if you do. Geek Girl Con will go from September 30th through October 1st and will be held at The Conference Center in Seattle, WA.

And last but certainly not least, Ginn Hale and Nicole Kimberling will once again appear in Seattle for Read with Pride Northwest. As the Northwests biggest celebration of LGBTQIA romance, this is an event you won't want to miss! All events will be held at the Seattle Public Library from November 3rd-4th. Take this chance to meet some of your favorite authors, celebrate queer romance with other fans, and maybe even pick up a few new books!

See you next month, all. Perhaps literally if you're in Helsinki!


Hey there, BEB faithful

As you know, it's Pride! Here's hoping you've been having a safe and supported experience. Just in case you need a little you time with a super gay book, though, we're chopping 25% off of Ginn Hale's new book The Long Past! Grab your copy before Pride is up to make your savings count.

We're also taking some time this month to remember the victims of the Pulse shooting. What happened last year was tragic, and it's made us even more resolute to keep publishing queer stories and queer voices than ever before. The more we speak and read and write these stories, the freer we'll all be someday. So go shove some queer books in a friend's face and make a difference this Pride. We're all counting on you. <3


Happy May, BEB faithful!

We've got two exciting things to announce this month, the first of which is our newest Ginn Hale title available for pre-order The Long Past & Other Stories. Reserve your copy now at the special pre-order price!

Our second bit of news is Dal Maclean's Bitter Legacy has made the list of Lambda Award finalists in the category of Gay Mystery! Show Dal your love by dropping by dropping her a line on twitter (@MacleanDal) and congratulating her on this colossal achievement!

And, if you haven't already picked up your copy of the book, look no further than the publications tab of our website. We're happy to enable some of the best rainy weather mystery reading you've ever had--and if that isn't enough to fill your reading hours, check out the full list of Lambda finalists here!

See you next time for Pride Month!


Meet the ladies behind Blades of Justice!

Our new title, lesbian mystery anthology "Blades of Justice" by Helen Angove, Jess Faraday, and Rachel Green came into the world last month, and it's been getting a lot of attention! A collection of three novellas, this book is three interlinking stories for the price of one. While such a book could be created by one story teller, having three authors benefits this tale. Each author brings their own strengths to the table to form a collaboration no one author could have created on her own.

Learn more about the women behind the novel!

Helen Angove is an electrical engineer and active author of everything from flash fiction to novellas.

Jess Faraday hails from California and spends her time teaching and writing novels.

Rachel Green tweets haiku daily and lives with her two partners and dogs in Derbyshire.

With such powerful women from different backgrounds, you know you're in for a treat when they start working together. Pick up your copy of Blades of Justice today and get a taste of their story.


High Praise for Dal Maclean's "Bitter Legacy"

Dal Maclean's name is popping up on "Best of..." lists all over the place. From All About Romance to Sinfully and The Novel Approach, readers agree that Maclean's debut novel is something special. This naturally leads to the question, "What's next for Dal Maclean?"

Well readers, fear not! She is hard at work on her second novel and we here at BEB cannot wait to read it. More news just as soon as we have it.


Announcing a new imprint from Blind Eye Books: One Block Empire!

Our new imprint, One Block Empire will be dedicated to bringing you mysteries and contemporary LGBT stories of the same outstanding caliber as our science-fiction and fantasy titles.

To that end, we are now seeking manuscripts that fit those categories, 80,000 to 120,000 words.
For how to send submissions, please see our existing guidelines.

More on this exciting project soon!

Interview with Ginn Hale & Arrate Hidalgo on translations

Entrevista en español aquí.

Hello again from Mady, here with a Blind Eye Books exclusive! I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Ginn Hale (author of such titles as Lord of the White Hell, Champion of the Scarlet Wolf, and part of new anthology Irregulars) and Arrate Hidalgo, English-to-Spanish translator and sci-fi editor. These lovely ladies have collaborated on an exciting new release of an old favorite, bringing the steamy world of Wicked Gentlemen to Spanish-speaking readers.

Ginn Hale had this to say:

Intern Mady: When you were growing up, did you aspire to be an author?

GH: I do recall that the first time I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said, “taller”.

I didn’t really get the whole idea of picking a career. Probably, because creating worlds and sharing stories never felt like a choice, so much as an extension of what I was. Ducks quacked, cats meowed and Ginns wrote down stories. I would have done those things even if there hadn’t been any money in it for me. I’m not sure I could choose not to—even now.

I didn’t begin to think about being a professional author until, really, it was too late and I was already publishing books and paying bills with my royalties. Then of course I suddenly realized how truly lucky I’ve been to have found so many supportive readers.

M: How would your teenage self react to being told your novel was so successful that it was being translated into Spanish?

GH: Her little punk heart would have exploded from the shock and joy, particularly since teen-Ginn spent a large portion of her years in Mexico. Though I think she would’ve wanted more skulls and blood on the cover; she didn’t have the best taste back then. J

M: Previously, you’ve had the Lord of the White Hell books translated into Japanese. What is it like to work with translators?

GH: It’s both flattering and humbling.  Arrate Hidalgo and Fumiyo Harashima are profoundly astute translators. Their poetic and technical senses of language proved fascinating and brought up all kinds of details and ideas that I hadn’t pondered, when first writing the books.

For example, seashells can have a sexual connotation in Spanish—one that I certainly didn’t intend to apply to Harper’s fingernail.  Names in Japanese can convey a character’s foreign or native Japanese origin depending upon the alphabet used. Those are just two tiny considerations among hundreds and hundreds that the translators worked out.

They did so much more than just replace an English word with a Spanish or Japanese one. They dealt with puns, word-play and the difficulty of teasing out levels of intimacy from a language devoid of formal tenses.

To have two such talented people working so intently on my manuscripts made me feel really honored and fortunate.

M: If you could pick one other novels to be translated which one would it be? And into what language?

GH: Hmmm…I’m going to cheat and say The Rifter (which has been printed in three books but was originally written as a single, very long novel.)

And I think it would be really beautiful to see any LGBT fantasy book translated into Sudanese Arabic, (or better yet written in Sudanese Arabic originally). Not just because Arabic is a gorgeous language—and it is.

But right now homosexuality is a capital crime in Sudan, (to name just one country) but imagine what it would say about the world-wide acceptance of LGBT communities, if some day a Sudanese publisher could think nothing of translating and printing a LGBT fantasy novel.

I wouldn’t care if it was my book or if I would ever be able to even read it, I’d buy it just because it would represent so much for so many people.


Arrate Hidalgo, the translator of novel, responded to a few questions as well—even hinting at more translation projects in the works:

Intern Mady: When did you begin translating fiction? How did you come to this decision?

Arrate Hidalgo: Translating fiction wasn’t so much a decision as something that I fell into more or less naturally. As a Spanish kid, I grew up reading translated books, which is something that native English speakers aren’t usually so accustomed to. This afforded me an awareness of the central role of translation in shaping the way I learned about the world, as well as in filtering the sort of fictional worlds I fell in love with. As I completed my English degree, it became clearer to me that I was happiest when I could combine my love of language, its building blocks and idiosyncrasies, with my passion for fantasy and sci-fi. That’s when I began translating stories I loved.

M: What was the most challenging thing about translating a novel like Wicked Gentlemen?

AH: Something that I always kept in mind was the fact that Belimai and Harper are both very charismatic characters, which is transmitted in the language chosen by Ginn, and I wanted to make sure this transpired in my stylistic choices, without it being too much. The thing about Spanish is that it tends to be longer and more extravagant than English, and when you have a story set in such a luscious pseudo-Victorian world, it’s easy to get carried away with the lace.

M: Were there any particularly difficult passages or concepts to translate into Spanish?

AH: The sex scenes! They are hard to write in style, and the same goes for translating them. When is it too much, or too little? I suppose the readers will have the last word about that. Aside from that, there were concepts, due to the story’s Victorian-inspired setting, that kept coming up and have no exact counterparts in Spanish. “Tenements”, for instance. Or “estate”, which doesn’t look like it should be that difficult, but even when it could be considered synonymous of mansion or country house, the estate is a very specific British concept with its own particular history. The UK and Spain went through very different processes of colonial expansion and industrialization, which occurred in different time periods and left different sociological fingerprints on each of the languages. This is reflected in the terms I have available to work with, which in a novel like this need to convey a sense of antiquity without being alienating or incongruous. The map was also challenging in its own way, but lots of fun, too.

M: How long was the process?

AH: It took me nine months to translate the book, which I combined with other translation work and with my job as a science fiction editor.

M: Do you have any other translation projects in the works right now?

AH: I do, and I can’t talk about them just now, but I’m excited to reveal them soon. In the meantime, I’m giving Wicked Gentlemen a last revision and preparing its promotion among Spanish-speaking audiences. I’m really looking forward to it seeing the light.

You heard it here first, folks! And, a little birdie has told me that we may be seeing a few more translations of Wicked Gentlemen in the near future (French? Cantonese? Klingon? You’ll just have to wait and see!)

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