PodCon 2 Round Up!

Hey there, BEB Faithful!

For those of you in the greater Seattle area, and those of you who follow our podcast Lauren Proves Magic is Real, the weekend of January 19th was a great one!

We spent the weekend at PodCon 2 talking with other like-minded people, and talking about representation in media. Most notably, the Ars Paradoxica crew did a panel about transgender representation that we particularly liked!


If you’re not familiar with Ars Paradoxica, they do a pretty great job with asexual and trans representation. There are some other honorable mentions within the podcast, but we’ll leave them for you to discover. If you like science fiction, time travel, and stories with lots of characters, this is a great one for you the check out!

Some other podcasts we’d like to give shout outs to are The Strange Case of Starship Iriswho are doing a great job with racial and queer representation—and Redwing, which is written by an nonbinary person of color!

We ran into some old favorites as well! Here’s Cecil Baldwin of Welcome to Nightvale taking a moment to himself.

IMG-3186 (1).jpeg

We’ll definitely be back for the next PodCon considering all the awesome people who keep showing up. Be sure to check out some of these awesome podcasts, and we’ll see you again next month!