Starting the New Year Write

Hello again, BEB faithful!

It’s been an exciting couple of months full of conventions, NaNoWriMo, and all of the preparations for the holidays. Things are finally starting to slow down in preparation for the New Year—but we all know you still need more books in your life. See if this next paragraph describes you or someone you know:

Got everything you wanted for the holidays except a new book to burn through into the new year? Or perhaps you know someone who could use a little extra dose of holiday cheer, a fantastical story to take them away from their troubles and keep them feeling warm and safe until the sun comes back and spring. If that’s you, we’re here to help with this months blog post!

If you relate, the rest of this post is dedicated to going through our books and telling you what kind of person would suit each best. We hope you enjoy this silly astrology by book blog post, and have all the very best stories to keep you company in the New Year.

Wicked Gentlemen - This book is for waist-coat wearing Fullmetal Alchemist fans who enjoy a fantastical approach to historical fiction. Angels, demons, mysteries, and a whole lot of romantic tension, this story is one of our favorites at the press.

Two Tangled Tales - The perfect little ebook for the fairytale lover in your life. These two charming short stories will have you getting out the tea set to enjoy an old-fasioned Victorian cup of tea.

Turnskin - Imagine being able to shift your physical form at will--and then grab this little number! Turnskin centers around one of the most skilled shapeshifters of the age in a society of shapeshifters. A little genderfluidity never hurt anyone. ;)

Strange Fortune - The epic stakes of Lord of the Rings with the added draw of queer characters--Josh Lanyon's Strange Fortune delivers that high fantasy feel and the LGBTQ good times.

The Archer's Heart - Looking for something in a non-western setting devoid of the society you know every day? Then check out Astrid Amara's little e-trilogy The Archer's Heart! With political tension and romantic tension in epic porportions, The Archer's Heart keeps your heart strung like a bow from start to finish.

Lord of the White Hell - The LGBTQ college version of Harry Potter you've been looking for, complete with falling in love with your gorgeous and haughty room mate, and taking him home to meet your mother in your women-run society. Lord of the White Hell is full of cozy moments by the fire and real and literal magic. Be sure to grab them as a set! No one likes cliffhangers!

Smoketown - In a city where birds are forbidden, one woman keeps them, waiting for the woman she loves to return to her. She's not the only one to wish for something she can't have in this city. Smoketown is a hauntingly beautiful, bittersweet tale of love, redemption, and independance. Don't worry, though; even though it sounds tragic, the play upon your heartstrings resolves warmly. Blind Eye Books has a soft spot for happy endings.

The Rifter - Like high fantasy? Want to escape to another world? Need a series that will take you longer to get through than the holidays with your family? Then The Rifter is the series for you! When John accidentally finds a key in his roommate Kyle's mail, he hardly expects it to take him to another world. Now he must survive it until Kyle find him--and a lot can happen when worlds are temporally locked together!

The Irregulars - Love interlocking short stories in the same universe? Then grab your copy of The Irregulars! Four stories from four award winning LGBTQ authors! Each story just long enough to get through before your next holiday commitment, or during commutes!

Highfell Grimoires - Blind Eye Book's signature Steampunk title! All the comforts of Victorian era London, now with floating islands, blood magic, the titular grimoires, and a little societal espionage besides, Highfell Grimoires keeps you guessing right up until the end.

Renovation - When everything you touch gives you memories of what it's been though, construction can be a rough job--especially when renovating an old house where someone died. If only the house could give you enough evidence to rule out your hot new neighbor at this job! Urban fantasy and mystery combined, Renovation will keep you on the edge of your seat and your mind off the cold.

The Devil Lancer - Set in an alternate history of Crimea, war is at hand--but so is black magic. When Elliott Parrish is assigned to spy on fellow officer Cornet Ilyas Kovakin, he finds the rumors about the man's demonic power on the battle field to be more literal than he expected. But when that power is revealed to be more curse than boon, how will the two soldiers save each other, and the war?

Champion of the Scarlet Wolf - Another duology set in the same universe as Lord of the White Hell, but now five years later. If you gave someone the gift of The Lord of the White Hell last year, this is the perfect set to follow up with. Great for December birthdays! One book for the birthday, and one book for the holiday.

Bellingham Mysteries - When they say "Read all about it!", Jack Fontaine wishes they were talking about his journalism. Instead, he gets more than he bargained for as his journalistic desires draw him further into murder and mystery. Pair this with Renovation for the perfect LGBTQ murder mystery package for the thrill-seeking reader in your life.

Bitter Legacy - When crime is too big for one man to solve, you can bet it leads to a team-up. Set against the backdrop of a police procedural with notes of detective noir, a detective and a photographer find out if they're compatible enough to take down a serial murderer. Chilling to the bone, you won't notice the cold while reading this.

Maze-Born Trouble - Love a good thrilling space podcast? Lovers of Wolf 359, Girl in Space, Starship Iris, and The Penumbra Podcast will find themselves enraptured with Maze-Born Trouble.

Blades of Justice - Looking for a good, old fashioned, queer female power trip? Maybe with some non-binary representation on the side? Then Blades of Justice is the perfect gift for you! Who says the tool of justice can't be domestic?

The Long Past and Other Stories - Looking for a mixed bag of queer stories all under one cover? The Long Past and Other Stories gives you dinosaurs, magic, boys in love, and girls in love all in one book! Grab it for the starry-eyed older teen in your life and watch them geek out over feathered dinosaurs and clockwork robots brought to life.

Grilled Cheese and Goblins - Looking to gobble up more than just your a holiday meal this year? Food inspector Keith Curry offers a delectable selection of food description--and a rather tasteful array or mystery to be solved. Grab this for the food lover in your life!

Object of Desire - More Dal Maclain means more mystery--this time with the fashion and modeling industry at its core! If you've got a beautiful friend, let them know just how gorgeous you think their make up and clothing choices are by grabbing them this story about unbearably beautiful and well dressed people falling in love with each other while trying to solve a murder.

Happy Holidays from Blind Eye Books! See you in the New Year, BEB faithful!