Get Hyped for ClexaCon and a Free Book!

Welcome back, BEB faithful!

This month, there are two things to be really excited about!

First, Blind Eye Books will be partnering with Queen of Swords Press to bring out books to you at ClexaCon 2019! Unfortunately Nicole and Ginn won’t be able to make it like last year, but Theresa will be floating around the table and the con to see all your lovely faces and talk to you about your favorite books!

If you haven’t heard of ClexaCon before, get ready to have your socks knocked off, because it’s the hottest con for queer women in media on this side of the Atlantic! Everything from meeting your favorite writers and actors to learning what it takes to break in as a creator in your favorite medium/genre, ClexaCon is about bringing fans and creators together in a space to celebrate queer female and nonbinary representation together.

If you want to go, there are still tickets available! Grab them here and then figure out which swimsuit you’re going to bring with you to Las Vegas.

If you can’t make it out to Las Vegas for the con, never fear! We have something cool for you too!

We love our social media gal Theresa, and we love her writing too. While her books aren’t quite right to publish under the Blind Eye Books flagship, we’re thrilled to announce that she’s serializing her very own novel for free on her website! If you love queer women, realistic representation of what it’s like to be bi and have anxiety, and fandom shenanigans, you’ll love her story, Author X Audience:

Alexis Ainsley is used to struggle. From her strained familial relations to her bisexuality to trying to score an editorial internship, she’s familiar with how hard life can be—although this is her first time struggling with reality when Terry Walsh, the creator of hit cartoon series Serenity Peaks, bumps into her at the movie theater. After hearing her talk about his show as more than just a fan, Terry asks to see Alexis again, and it’s not long before Alexis finds herself an intern working alongside Terry on the Serenity Peaks finale. But what happens when a fan who got her job through the goodwill of the show’s creator disagrees with his proposed ending to the series?

Full of feminist propaganda, tragic backstories, and fan feels, Author x Audience tells the story of a fan and a creator that transcend the limited relationship of author and audience to relate to each other as people—and take it from Alexis; the struggle is real!

Check it out here on her website—and don’t forget to leave her a nice comment!

See you all in April!