Tangle Girls

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Tangle Girls


Six stories featuring extraordinary heroines. Amazons, assassins, psychics, spacefarers, activists and enchanted lovers fill this anthology with adventure, humor and passion.

Edited by Nicole Kimberling.

Raccoon Skin: Young Sophia discovers a wounded eagle in her parents’ backyard but when the resplendent creature transforms into the girlfriend she left behind at college, Sophia realizes that she has entered a dangerously surreal world of fairytales.

Cupcake: As an intergalactic assassin, Stasya has never failed to take down her man, but when the hauntingly beautiful heiress Mitsuko becomes her target everything changes. For the first time Stasya finds herself battling to save a life rather than take it.

Under Suspicion: Ensign Lily Branoch can’t keep her mind off of Marine Daniella Cruz-Ortega. But are the other woman’s flirtations real or a ploy to hide her involvement in the disappearance of a dangerous arms shipment?

The Conclave: Dating one of the quirky, immortal sidhe is the coolest thing Tanya has ever done. Now if she can just survive crashing a party thrown by Oberon and Titania.

Dead and the President: In an apocalyptic future one woman with the power to inhabit many bodies fights to free herself and her people from a heritage of repression.

Amazons: A hypnotic, lush tale of young love, new worlds and the dangerous passions inspired by both.

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