"Lauren Proves Magic Is Real!" Episode Six: Performance Review

So in episode five we left off with Lauren in a precarious situation: in the middle of her podcast two nefarious thugs broke down the door sprayed her with gunk shoved her in a bag and carried her off. We pick up again with Special Agent Keith Curry, who has just come home from work.

Episode Six, “Performance Review,” was written by Nicole Kimberling and produced by Tommy Jordan. Keith Curry’s Theme and Lauren’s theme were written and performed by Tommy Jordan.

This week’s episode features the voices of:

Ginn Hale, Ian EveryHope, Josh Lanyon, Laura Browne-Sorenson, Danielle Rose, Brendan Connor and Tommy Jordan.

Addition featured music was: Mind of the Machine by Future Lab Rats and Skipping 7th Grade by CHRVNS