"Lauren Proves Magic Is Real!" Episode Four: Hot Boyfriend

When 12-year old cat sitter Lauren discovers her neighbor is a secret agent, the next logical step is to start podcasting his field reports. This week Lauren's podcast gets some sponsors--though the products they're selling seem very strange... Then for a change of pace, Lauren breaks into some saved voice messages from Special Agent Keith Curry's hot boyfriend, Gunther.

Episode Four: “Hot Boyfriend” was written by Nicole Kimberling and produced by Tommy Jordan. It features the voices of Ginn Hale, Tommy Jordan, Brendan Connor, Dal Maclean, Tenea D. Johnson, Anthony Navarro, Nicole Kimberling, Danielle Rose and Ian EveryHope.

Featured Music:  “It Is What It Is”  “On An Island” and “In Orbit In Exile,” by Tony Dutcher from the band Royal Trash. Plus “Reality Hop Taqsim” by East Coast Dave and “Say That I’m Trying,” by Joji