Meet the ladies behind Blades of Justice!

Our new title, lesbian mystery anthology "Blades of Justice" by Helen Angove, Jess Faraday, and Rachel Green came into the world last month, and it's been getting a lot of attention! A collection of three novellas, this book is three interlinking stories for the price of one. While such a book could be created by one story teller, having three authors benefits this tale. Each author brings their own strengths to the table to form a collaboration no one author could have created on her own.

Learn more about the women behind the novel!

Helen Angove is an electrical engineer and active author of everything from flash fiction to novellas.

Jess Faraday hails from California and spends her time teaching and writing novels.

Rachel Green tweets haiku daily and lives with her two partners and dogs in Derbyshire.

With such powerful women from different backgrounds, you know you're in for a treat when they start working together. Pick up your copy of Blades of Justice today and get a taste of their story.