Time for a Contest! (Or Two)

Hey there, BEB Faithful!

As you may know, Ginn Hale's long awaited release of The Long Past will be coming out at the end of next month. I'm sure you noticed the book preorder has been on sale for a while, but I'm here to tell you about how you can win your very own digital copy of the book! From September 15th through October 3rd, send us a private message on Facebook or tweet us a picture of you and one of Ginn Hale's books. We'll select five lucky winners at random, and those winners will receive an electronic copy of The Long Past for free!

Speaking of free things, how many of you like money? Blind Eye Books will also be doing another give away from Labor Day (September 4th) until the end of September. All you need to do to enter? Send us your best Lord of the White Hell fanart! The art doesn't have to be new, but we will need you to tweet it at us or send it to us in a new Facebook message during the dates of the contest. We're really looking forward to seeing all your lovely fanart of Javier and Kiram--especially Kiram. He may be a favorite of mine. Shout out to anyone who wants to draw the matriarchal society of Kiram's family! One lucky winner will be selected at random and will receive an Amazon gift card for $50!

The one stipulation we have for both contests: keep it clean. We have to ask that all fanart be safe for work. It can be as suggestive as you want, but we can't accept any entries with genitals in them. Get creative with some fig leaves, if you have to, just make sure we can count your entry by keeping it dong free!

Enjoy the encroaching Autumn, faithful. We'll see you next month!