Pride Month has been SO EXCITING!

Hey BEB Faithful!

We've been super busy trying to celebrate Pride with all our friends and fans. One of the things we've done this month is add our book Smoketown to a LBGT+ sci-fi book bundle! Tenea (the author) is super stoked about being part of the bundle, and you can see what she has to say about it here. The bundle is only available until the 28th of June, though, so grab it while you can!

We also have some extra special goodies for you today: accounts about what Pride means to us here at BEB.

First up is Theresa, our social media gal, and second is our current intern, Elica.

"Pride has always been a big time for me. I was an ally even before I knew I was bi, and we had people from the community in my family. When I was little, I had point blank asked my mother if men could marry men and women could marry women, so when I found out years later that her answer of 'yes' had been a lie because she thought I was asking if they could love each other, I lost my mind and made everything from my school projects to my speech and debate topics about love being love and the need for equality. To have a time of year where everyone is celebrating that kind of love is such a victory for me, even though I know we have so much further to go." —Theresa

"For me, Pride Month represents inclusion and self-acceptance. As a bisexual woman, growing up in a small conservative town in eastern Washington was very stifling. I was often second guessing my sexual identity throughout high school and it wasn’t until I attended my first Pride in Spokane that I felt optimistic about my identity. It was the first time I was surrounded by LGBT+ people holding hands and unapologetically expressing themselves, and it filled me with an incredible sense of relief. Pride continues to motivate me to work on accepting myself and creating inclusive spaces for other LGBT+ people.” —Elica Starr

We'll have some other awesome announcements coming up in the beginning of July, so keep your eyes on our blog and our social media!

Until next time, faithful!